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Brick Painting Pickering

Trust our experienced team with brick painting in Pickering, Ontario. Do you know what’s the difficulty of painting brick walls? Brick’s porosity is high. The whole job must be done correctly and the paint must be suitable for brick in order to last for a long time and look fantastic. No wonder you need the best painters in Pickering. And when it comes to that, our team at Painters Pickering is an excellent choice.

Pickering brick painting experts – why trust us

The first good news of the day is that our team is available for Pickering brick painting services. The second piece of great news is that we have experience in painting brick. As a matter of fact, we are experienced in stone wall interior painting too. To avoid tiring you, let us just say that there’s a list of benefits of entrusting brick painting to us.

  •          We are available for interior brick wall painting
  •          Exterior brick walls are painted to resist elements – hence, last
  •          The Pickering painters prep brick surfaces perfectly
  •          The paint coatings are suitable for brick walls and of high quality
  •          There’s a variety of color options and brick painting techniques
  •          You get a free color consultation and quote for the service, with no obligation
  •          The brick wall painting service is provided with no delay and on time

Brick painting service – the process

The process of booking a brick painting service in Pickering is rather simple. We first inform you about all things relevant to the service and if you agree, you give us the okay and we get started. It – more or less – goes like this:

  •          You get in touch with our team to say that you are interested in brick painting in Pickering.
  •          We talk about the project and set up an appointment for further details, including the free estimate and color consultation.
  •          You take time to think about it and if you okay us, Pickering painters come over on the agreed day to get started.
  •          The brick walls are prepped as required and then finished as previously agreed.

Professional brick wall painting – long-lasting service

The longevity of the job depends on the scope of work. This may be a small brick wall or a large house whose exterior brick walls must be painted. It also depends on your personal preferences. If you want even a big job done quickly, we simply put more Pickering painters to the service. See? You don’t have to worry about timeframes – or anything else, for that matter. Brick walls – interior or exterior – are painted the color of your choice to look fantastic and last for long. Why would you want anything different?

Contact us to talk about your brick wall and what you have in mind. Schedule a free estimate and consultation appointment to learn details about your soon-to-take-place Pickering brick painting.