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Are you tired of looking at the same deck color year after year? Are you considering the possibility of deck painting in Pickering, Ontario? Is your deck painted and you have noticed that the paint is peeling off?

Whatever the reasons why you may want to paint a deck, our company is at your service. As long as you want an outdoor deck painted in Pickering, our team is the best choice for the service.

Contact Painters Pickering. You see, we have experience with all materials, focus on the good preparation of the deck, use the right paints & products, charge fairly, offer consultation, and appoint experts to the job. If you want deck painting, Pickering experts are at your service.

Free estimates for deck painting in Pickering

Deck Painting Pickering

Pickering deck painting contractors are at your service! Would you like to discuss the project, learn all that’s included in the service, explore the best finish and color options for your deck, and get an offer for the job? Contact our team.

The process is easy. You contact our company to say what you need. We can discuss your needs and send a pro to your home to inspect the deck, its material, its condition, and all things important for the service and then, offer a free color consultation and estimate. If you agree with the price and like what you hear overall, a deck painter comes to your home exactly as scheduled.

Have your deck painted or repainted by pros

Now you know the process. Let’s talk about the service. Before painting a deck, the pros focus on prepping it. This phase is not only about leveling the surface and making it as soft as it must be to be properly painted. It’s also about taking care of glitches and imperfections. Since decks are found outside and even if they are protected, they are still weathered, they usually have some nails protruding, some splinters, some worn boards, and similar problems. 

The pros assigned to paint decks first clean the surface. They make sure it’s free of debris and blemishes. Everything is addressed and then they paint, stain, or repaint – depending on what we have agreed beforehand. Yes, you can book any job needed for your deck. A painted deck, for example – one whose paints are peeling – can be properly sanded and repainted. If you don’t want a different color but the deck stained, just to protect it, you can still count on us.

As you can see, you can turn to us for deck repainting, staining, and painting. Be sure that despite what you need, the job is properly done.

Ready to book a deck painter? Talk with us

Is this a wooden deck? It probably is. Be certain that in spite of the timber, the wood deck painting service is accurately done – always with respect to the wood species. Is this a composite deck? There’s still no problem. All decks – in spite of the material – are painted. Do you want your deck painted too? Contact our team to say so. Trust us with the deck painting; Pickering pros complete all jobs to a T.