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Exterior House Painting

Is your exterior wall paint peeling? Is it time to book exterior house painting in Pickering, Ontario, and are getting estimates? Get one from us, too. It’s free. And we do that once we see what it is that you need so that we can be more precise about the cost. Let us assure you that we have incredible experience in painting exteriors, regardless of the material and the condition of the surface.

With Painters Pickering, exteriors are prepped thoroughly and finished to your absolute liking. Want to increase the home value? Make your exterior superb? Be sure that the current painting job will last for years? Let us tell you why we are the team for you, for the exterior painting in Pickering.

Superb exterior house painting, Pickering homeowners may rest assured

Exterior House Painting Pickering

One of the things that makes our team the best choice for exterior house painting Pickering services is the way we approach such projects. For starters, we know that not all homes are the same in terms of size, shape, construction, materials. Plus, their location determines how much – or which parts of the house, they are exposed to the elements. But the fact remains the same at all times. Exterior surfaces – no matter how durable, they still suffer the wrath of weather. And so, they need two things: excellent preparation and appropriate paints. When left in the hands of home painter experts, exteriors become resistant for years and extremely beautiful. That’s what you get when you turn to us.

Exterior painting: what it may include

The painting service may include the entire exterior or just parts of it. In either case, it will involve the preparatory stage, which is so important for the good adherence of the primes and finishing coatings – hence, the beauty of the building and the long-lasting of the paint. Which are the usual tasks of each exterior house painter?

  •          Scraping all paints
  •          Fixing imperfections
  •          Fence and deck repair
  •          Washing and sanding
  •          Deck, railing, and fence painting
  •          Priming & finishing
  •          Door and window caulking

Why choose us as your exterior painters

The skills of every single exterior painter matter. With us, you are sure about that. You are also sure that the work is supervised, from start to finish. Plus, the job is done with great care and by taking into account everything about the house – the direction, the materials, the extent of damage.

We specialize in all materials, from stucco and aluminum to concrete, brick and stucco. And not just that. We also know how to prep each surface and which coatings are best for each material. It is the sum of all these things that ensures the best results, results you’ll enjoy for years.

What’s the process of the exterior home painting?

What’s the process of getting exterior home painting service? Naturally, you need to contact us. What follows?

  •          We send an estimator to check the location, speak with you, see what must be done.
  •          You get a no-obligation, free estimate to decide if you want to trust us with the job.
  •          All details (schedules, appointments, time frames) are set, always based on your needs.
  •          You get consultation about colors, coating finishes – anything you need to decide on.

Do you want to set the ball rolling? Remember, there’s no obligation on your part. Why don’t you set an appointment for your free in-Pickering exterior house painting estimate?