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Residential Painting

At your service, if you are looking for a residential painting Pickering Ontario company. What can we do for you at this point? You see, our team is experienced with all home painting services in Pickering. Interior and exterior. And not only is the range of services wide but there’s also no restrictions, no limitations. Whether you want the kitchen cabinets finished, the full home refreshed, or just a couple of rooms painted, you shouldn’t worry. Painters Pickering is here for you.

Why choose our Pickering residential painting company?

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We know it’s hard for you to choose among an ocean of residential painting Pickering companies. And so, we make a tiny pause – from telling you what we can do for you, to explain how we do it. And thus, help you understand why our team is an honest value for money solution – at the very least.

Our overall intention is to cover the needs of the customer. Also, ensure longevity and excellent performance for years to come. To see what you need, what you want, what must be done and all things related to the service, we appoint a residential painting contractor.

At this initial stage, we put all things on the table – color combos, coating styles, techniques, wallpaper choices, accent wall options! Ways to beautify your interior world and make the exterior resistant and impressive. Additional things which make us stand above the competition?

  •          We focus on your personal residential painting needs to offer consultation accordingly
  •          The contractors check the residence, the materials, the condition of the surfaces. They offer solutions, a free estimate, answers to questions
  •          When you work with us, you work with the most qualified in Pickering painters. Truly experienced, licensed, certified pros. Have no doubt
  •          All paints are picked depending on the material. And whether or not they are meant for the exterior or interior
  •          All jobs involve a prep phase. Very thorough, indeed. And is meant to address all problems with all surfaces – water damage, holes, bruises
  •          While the cost varies, depending on the service, the prices are truly fair. And our team offers a free / no obligation, estimate

At your service for interior painting

The interior residential painting services may involve the entire space or only some rooms, the basement, the doors and the windows, the kitchen cabinets – just name it. There’s nothing to worry about. We cover all needs with the same zeal. With the same professionalism. With the same enthusiasm. And the prep work is truly thorough, including drywall repair, popcorn ceiling & wallpaper removal, sanding. Anything to address the flaws and make the surfaces smooth. Perfect for painting.

At your service for residential exterior painting too

In the exterior, we follow a similar routine of addressing imperfections related to the peeling paints, the worn siding, the damaged deck. All parts of the exterior, which are meant to be painted, are fixed and prepped first. And this part of the job along with the finish coating is done with the care and attention exterior surfaces demand.

So, have no worries when you assign your residential painting in Pickering to us. Interior or exterior, challenging or not, it is done with the professionalism and accuracy only devoted painters bring to the job. Why settle for less?